Issue date 10 January 2020
Class Annual Tuition Fee Payable in three instalments at thebeginning of Terms 1, 2, and 3
Preschool and Kindergarten $26,727 $8,909
Classes 1 - 2 $30,390 $10,130
Classes 3 - 4 $31,860 $10,620
Classes 5 - 6 $33,531 $11,177


  1. FEES ARE PAYABLE AT THE BEGINNING OF TERMS 1, 2 AND 3Annual tuition fees will be charged in advance in three equal instalments at the beginning of Terms 1, 2 and 3, and are payable by the last Friday in February, May and August respectively.
  2. PAYMENT OF FEES BY BPAY AND CREDIT CARDFacilities are offered for parents to pay fees by BPAY from their credit card, cheque or savings account or by MasterCard or Visa via the School’s website.

    A cost recovery fee will be charged for credit card payments (excluding those associated with BPAY).
  3. FEES PAID IN CASHFor security reasons payment in cash is not accepted.
  4. LATE PAYMENT OF FEESFees must be paid in full by the due date as per paragraph 1 above, unless the Headmaster, in consultation with the Bursar, in their absolute discretion and in special circumstances, agree to waive this requirement.
    If tuition fees for a boy remain unpaid after the relevant due date the boy may not continue to attend the School except with the permission of the Headmaster, in consultation with the Bursar.
  5. ADMINISTRATION CHARGEIn order to recover associated administration costs, overdue accounts will also attract an administration charge of $100 per month if fees remain unpaid after the due date.
  6. NOTICE OF REMOVAL(a)Before the removal of a boy from the School one full term’s notice in writing must be given to the Headmaster. Where a boy is removed and notice has been given in accordance with the above provision, the total fee charged for the boy’s period at the School in that calendar year will be equal to the number of terms attended in that calendar year times one quarter of the annual tuition fee. In cases where adequate notice has not been given, an additional fee equal to one quarter of the annual tuition fee will be charged.
    (b)If a boy’s parents or guardians wish to withdraw him temporarily from the School, the Headmaster may, in his absolute discretion, hold open the boy's place for as long as he thinks fit. Fees shall be payable in such cases for absences longer than a term. Full term fees are payable for absences of less than a term. One full term’s notice should accompany a request for temporary withdrawal unless the reasons for the request have arisen unexpectedly.
  7. ENTRANCE FEEAfter notice is received confirming the admission of a boy to either College Street or a Preparatory School, normally during the year preceding the year of entry, an Entrance Fee equal to one sixth of the annual tuition fees in Form I (i.e. $6,341 in 2020) is payable unless he is a Scholar.
  8. VOLUNTARY BUILDING FUNDA suggested voluntary building fund donation is included on each statement and used for improvements to buildings and facilities. The donation is fully tax deductible, and families are welcome to make larger donations at any time.